About me

I'm freelance YOGA INSTRUCTOR from Kodagu. Since my childhood days I'am interested in Spiritual practices particularly Yoga, ancient texts/scriptures. The strong desire to know the purpose of life always made me hear spiritual talks from enlightend masters and read various ancient scriptures. I completed few courses from Art of living & Isha during my college days, later took up YIC (Yoga Instructor course) and MSC in Yoga Therapy (Masters degree) from Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana university, Bangalore. I get very facinated when some one explains ancient scriptures in context with morden science.

I have been working in Software Industry for last 11 years. Since last 6 years my primary focus has been on Healthcare Industry, building medical related softwares & Machine Learning models using healthcare data. After closly working with hospitals and doctors for several years, I realised the fact that english medicines never treat the root of the problem, they just act as pacifiers and postpone the complications in the body. Once a patient in diabetic, he remains diabetic life long. After reading and meeting a lot of people I came into the conclusion that Indian Ayuredva, Naturopathy and yoga are 3 entites which focus on treating the root of the problem. But, if thats the case why dont everyone start going towards these 3 entities ?? I started talking to people within my friends & family circle and explained these facts, but I was astonished to hear that people can never compromise on their food habits and life style and always wanted quick solutions. Ayuredva, Naturopathy and yoga heal the body over a long term and noting changes over night. All 3 entities treat the root cause of any problem or get balance in mind & body with persistent practise and discipline. But people have got used to quick solutions provided by english medicines because thats what are taught by parents to their kids. And at a later stage in life they are not ready to compromise on their life style and food habits.

My goal is to help individuals understand the science of Holistic Living to bring health and happiness, peace, efficiency, harmony. If our mind & body are kept healthy we can stay away from hosptials and the fundamental aspect to it is food and breath. Yoga & Pranayamas help in calming the mind & slowing down the breath which inturn helps in getting balance in life. Food habits needs to be corrected from the childhood or else it becomes very hard to change them at a later stage. I am here to help individuals overcome their health issues by focusing on their food habits, life style and breath.

My services


Personal training

Personal Yoga Training is not like one size fits all. It’s very personal and it’s “YOU”. Specially designed for you keeping in mind your health benefits and requirements. Here the schedule for personal Yoga sessions are completely curated and specially designed according to the clients’ requirement. I analyze your fitness level, the stress combating capacity and formulate a tailor cut yoga program that suits your needs so as to give you the desired pranic benefits.


Group Classes

Curated and specially designed module which follows Astanga style. Module provides deeper understanding of yoga. The combination of theory and Practical Subjects like Breathing techniques, Asana, Sat Kriyas, Pranayama, Meditation technique. Class provide special attention for both newbie's and experienced individuals.


Partner with NGO's and promote Yoga and Holistic Living

I partner with NGO's and conduct courses for various schools, colleges & villages which in turn help individuals to take a path of holistic living. I also partner with Corporates for CSR activities.


Asthanga Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Flexibility & Physical Fitness
Therapy Yoga (Treat Medical Conditions)
Get Life style changes


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Address Mysore, Karnataka, India.